Anxious about the holidays...seeing your family and being around others?
Master Class:
The Empath's Guide to the Holidays.
In this Master Class we will Cover the 
3 Things you Need to Know to Thrive as an Empath During this Holiday Season!
Tuesday - 11/16 - 6PM CT/7PM ET
on Zoom
The truth is... you can either struggle and hide or 
Spirituality Upgrade your personal patterns/routine.

The holidays can be very stressful.
 Obligations … extra shopping… cookies 😇… and family.

I was just speaking with a client who was planning her trip home and she said to me… I already feel like the black sheep of my family and now we are all going to be together and can’t really go out. Give me some tools, she said. How will I ever survive?  

Have you asked this question lately especially if you are empathic and always feeling judged by your actions, your life, your work.  

Family can be the hardest when it comes to Empath Energy because you care so much and love from your heart. BUT the constant criticism and judgement creates stress which creates overwhelm which drains your energy, making it hard for you to want to talk to anyone. “Just let me hide in a room with my book” you’re thinking.  

Holding on to too much of this anxiety and stress can lead to holiday depression and not dealt with can lead you all the way into 2021 feeling these feelings and dragging you down

If you want to have a truly peaceful holiday season, baking without eating all the cookies, watching classic Hallmark movies and sipping cocoa with your mom without all the drama and energy drain, make sure you register.
 I will be teaching these 3 things and practicing with you so that you can maintain that Modern Woman status instead of the Black Sheep one. On Zoom.

It is a choice and a knowing. It's knowing your boundaries.... ENERGETICALLY ... And choosing to use them.

Like my client, Kylie. By learning the techniques and applying them in real life, she was able to use her boundaries, protect her energy from taking on too much anxiety and overwhelm, and then have a great night, be the life of the party, with her family and friends instead of hiding in her bedroom making excuses..  

This is 1 of the 3 things you need to know to thrive during the holidays.  Come learn the other 2 and practice them with us in this Master Class.

"I see you, taking control of your life. Being responsible for your actions and having a consciousness that is leading you. Yet, lately, maybe you don't quite feel like “The Boss” in your life. I  know, you want to step forward and stop making apologies for your decisions, let go of the overwhelm and find the way, once again, to trust your decision making skills.What is at the the root of your problem to make sh*t happen as you truly embody your strength and inner guidance."

Terri Ann Heiman
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